Area 17 is a UK based video production company with a focus on amplifying the most pressing issues of our time. We offer a comprehensive range of video services, including impactful, educational videos and animations with a social purpose.

We work with various public-sector organisations, including charities and NGOs to deliver their message through clear, cost-effective, memorable content. We are platform-agnostic. Whether you’re looking for a video for internal communications or a TV level high-production value drama, 20 years of making films and videos has given us the experience to deliver COVID-safe productions with total flexibility on budget and timeline. We’ve helped socially-driven organisations operate and communicate through many types of content - be it documentaries, social media campaigns, internal communications and high-budget educational dramas, we’ve created it.


Nick White

Nick White, Company Director

Nick White is an award-winning filmmaker and director of Area 17. With over 20 years experience as a producer and director on a diverse range of productions, he brings extensive industry expertise to each and every project.


We are constantly on the lookout for great crew to collaborate with on various scripted and unscripted  productions . Please send your CV to, with your permission for us to keep it on file.


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