Aerial Drone Shot in Puerto Rico

Documenting Puerto Rico’s Crypto Boom

A Guardian commisioned documentary on blockchain neo-colonialism

Commissioned by The Guardian, ‘Puertopia’ follows a controversial group of blockchain entrepreneurs who have relocated to Puerto Rico in an effort to ‘regenerate’ the country following a devastating hurricane season. The documentary follows both sides of the conflict, as American entrepreneurs clash with locals over the neo-colonial undertones of their restoration efforts. A complex look into how new technologies are complicating ideas of humanitarian aid, it offers a glimpse of a world being rapidly changed by digital interventions — and the danger this poses.

Video journalism is a fast-growing avenue for sharing stories to the widest possible audience. As social media increasingly becomes the dominant mode of content consumption, so to do journalistic formats. Human interest documentaries offer glimpses into social change in seemingly far-off places, engendering empathy with global citizens who have radically different life experiences.

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Watch the documentary below.

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