Kazia Pelka and Adam Morris in All Too Familiar

Purpose-Driven Drama: ‘All Too Familiar’

Training with a twist - a short film to help combat money-laundering

At Area 17, we specialise in creating uniquely purpose-driven dramatic films. ‘All Too Familiar’ is the latest in a series of short films made in collaboration with ICAEW, aimed at educating those in the sector about the signs of money-laundering operations while providing a cinematic and memorable viewing experience.

‘All Too Familiar’ follows the owner of a failing restaurant, who turns to unsavoury investors in order to stay afloat. We follow the breadcrumb trail of errors that threaten to bring down himself, as well as those around him. As with previous films in the series, ‘All Too Familiar’ stars a multitude of big-name British TV and radio talent. Far from standard corporate videos, these purpose-driven dramas combine cinema-level filmmaking with tense, conspiratorial plots, set in the world of corporate accounting. These dramas are as riveting as they are educational, and serve to present corporate risks in a unique setting.

Our purpose-driven drama films are uniquely positioned to aid in training as much as entertainment. Designed to teach improved corporate governance to c-suite and audit teams around the world, we aim to make the risks all the more clear through dramatising them. We believe that creative, cinematic storytelling is one of the best tools to train people.

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Watch the trailer for ‘All Too Familiar’ below.

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