Animated Visualisation of Climate Change Data

Visualising Data on the Climate Crisis

Visualising the climate crisis on the world stage

Data animation is a great way to effectively communicate large data sets to the widest possible audience. By turning figures into dynamic animation, we can encourage viewers to ‘read deeper’ into the data and guide meaningful interpretations. Communicating data is all about presentation – our goals are to present complex issues in a digestible, transparent and accessible way. For the recent COP26 climate conference, we developed a number of data visualisations for digital broadcast. These married live footage with animation, which interact fluidly to add personality and accessibility to the presentation.

Climate diplomacy is an incredibly complex issue, and visualising it meant boiling down large data sets into discernible trends and takeaways. Data on countries Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to climate change mitigation was turned into a script and the motion graphics into a storyboard, which were then used independently of one another to create the two key visual elements in the final series - a live-action speaker and blended animated graphics. These combined elements are a great way to capture the attention of viewers, adding personality to the presentation while maintaining dynamic and high-production value aspects.

Animating data allows for the distillation of the complexities of climate diplomacy, so that it can be made more accessible to all citizens and to arm people with the vocabulary and understanding to discuss terms like the Paris Climate Agreement, NDCs and the SDGs. This is especially critical for COP26, where this was broadcast as part of UNDP’s wider programming on the world stage. As more eyes around the world than ever before were focused on the ins and outs of climate diplomacy, so should communications aim to make climate science and environmental dialogues accessible. Notably, these visualisations were also created with social versions and uploaded to official UNDP social media channels, demonstrating to a wide-reaching audience the discrepancies between various the climate pledges and the climate action of various countries, holding nations to account in front of a global audience.

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Watch one of our data visualisations, ‘Ambition’, below:

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