Benedict Cumberbatch and Natalie Press in Inseperable

Short Filmmaking: ‘Inseparable’

Award-winning short drama film

When we're not working on groundbreaking commercial projects, we focus on honing our skills, and short fim is an excellent format for this. ‘Inseparable’ is a short film starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Natalie Press, the film follows the actions of a family man who, following a devastating prognosis, gives someone else a second chance at life. A heartbreaking story about family, identity and starting again, ‘Inseparable’ received considerable acclaim upon release.

‘Inseparable’ premiered at the BFI Film Festival in 2007, and went on to win multiple awards, including ‘Best of the Fest’ and ‘Best Actor’ at Filmstock AZ (2013), ‘Best Actor’ at Oregon International Film Festival (2014) and a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Watch ‘Inseparable’ in full below.

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