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Launching the GDFA Coalition

An archive footage-orientated video to celebrate sustainable development

In 2021, the Green Digital Finance Alliance contacted us for their launch of a significant strategic partnership with the Finance for Biodiversity Initiative. The alliance, the ‘Every Action Counts Coalition’, seeks to leverage technology for environmental action. Our response was to create a launch video for the event, in order to clearly communicate the coalition’s strategy, skills and goals.

Launch videos are a valuable tool for sharing the values and ideas of new organisations or partnerships with citizens, other organisations and potential investors. They are a great way to indicate organisational purpose from the outset, and reach far beyond the physical event through social media and alternative channels. Especially for organisations with a social purpose, launch videos are a great way to get people who share progressive mindsets on-board, and to positively impact the behaviours of environmentally conscious citizens.

This launch video combines stock video with remote interviews, allowing for the inclusion of global voices and perspectives across the multinational coalition. We’re very experienced in conducting remote interviews, which have been in especially high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to coat and capture professional-looking footage over video call. Layering in great-quality stock footage and using motion graphics in video projects is a cost-effective way to create great-looking projects on an affordable budget.

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Watch the GDFA ‘Every Action Counts Coalition’ video below.

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