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Communicating an NGO’s strategic plan

Creating a conceptual video project that sets out internal strategy

Video projects aren’t exclusively for public-facing communications. Many ongoing projects are just as much used as internal communications - to set forth an organisation’s purpose, or to make internal reports digestible and personable. By using video to communicate strategic vision, organisations can better demonstrate the full scope of the emotional and practical stakes they’re working with. Long reports can be condensed into evocative videos, which can put clearly the urgency and severity of social progress. These projects have the power to unify people behind a common goal: a powerful video can convey a shared purpose with more clarity and concision than a simple memo.

When tasked with turning an organisation’s strategic vision into a video, our first consideration is purpose: What needs to be communicated? What are the common goals that viewers should walk away with?

These projects are often more conceptual than others. Where clarity is usually the primary objective of NGO video communications, these projects must also inspire action towards a common goal. They are as much about values as they are ideas.

In the case of this strategic plan video, we approached the issue of climate action with a firm visual concept. Using split screen as an effective tool to demonstrate opposites — for instance, before and after — to incite an emotional response to the subject, and to present ideas that chime with the script while presenting the heavy reality of the climate emergency. Juxtaposing imagery creates striking visual metaphors, working in tandem with the script’s themes to communicate a powerful message — that people and planet can, if done right, live harmoniously. Such messaging requires a visually-driven narrative to achieve an emotional resonance that inspires all to work together for positive action.    

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Watch the strategic plan below.

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